Sunday, January 10, 2010


Happy New Year, all!

It's official: Matchbook Story is up 'n running. After a year of planning, web design, layout and production, I've just returned from a distribution run to the Bay Area where the following bookstores have agreed to carry the magazine. Many thanks to...

Bookshop Santa Cruz
City Lights Books
Green Apple Books
Diesel, and

But this is only the beginning. I'm heading down to LA at the end of the month to hit up the independents down there, and Matchbook has landed on the east coast thanks to some smuggler-friends. So things are moving, and I'm feeling good.

UPDATE: due to some minor delays, the deadline for Issue no. 1 is now March 1st. Please note.

In other news, Matchbook Story recently made headlines in TheStorymatic.com. The Storymatic is a writing prompt/teaching tool/parlor game/toy consisting of 500 business-sized cards containing (half) characters and (half) plot points. For the last few months, I've been using The Storymatic to generate matchbook stories, test the 300 character limit, and generally explore the form. I've had serious fun using The Storymatic, so I contacted its creator, Brian Mooney, to let him know. Glad for the feedback, and excited by the new magazine, Brian kindly plugged Matchbook Story in the mid-December posts of The Storymatic's Featured Artist blog. Check it out. Much thanks to Brian--for his support, enthusiasm, and endlessly fun and useful writing prompt.

Stay tuned for future posts...

Fire away!


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