Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

Hello All!

Matchbook Story is all fired up and ready to go. Submissions stream in daily as the deadline for issue no. 1 (February 1st) fast approaches. Some questions have come up along the way, and I've consolidated them below (avec answers) for your convenience. Of course, if these don't answer your question, riddle me freely at editor@matchbookstory.com.

Q: So, you're publishing just ONE super short story on a whole lotta matchbooks?
A: You betcha! Three hundred characters MAX.

Q: And you're only publishing ONE super short story on a whole lotta matchbooks quarterly, as in every three months?
A: That's right. However, as submissions increase, and Matchbook Story builds, I plan to publish more stories more often. I think every other month would be swell.

Q: So, you're not like some rich dude with extra cash to blow on some pet lit zine?
A: No, I'm a writer, like you, with an interest in new forms and formats, and a desire to meet folks who enjoy this stuff. I make my money reading meters for the Water Dept. 40 hours/week.

Q: So, like, what kind of story are you looking for and stuff?
A: Ouch! Shoot, I don't know. Wait. That's not true: CONFLICT (1.) and CHANGE (2.) are the minimum for a story, says I! How you go about skinnin' that cat is up to you, and I'm waaay open to suggestions. There's lots of discussion on this subject (what makes a story--especially a short short story--a story), and the primary purpose of this blog is to hash that out, but I'm a believer in the two C's, and won't be shaken. That said, you can stir some bourbon into my milk anytime (more later).

Q: Does that mean you're kinda old school with grammar and punctuation and whatnot?
A: Yeah, kinda. I like two spaces after a period, period. Don't write "with" with "w/." Matchbook Story does not accept text messages. I think that about covers it.

Q: Where can I find Matchbook Story?
A: Check the website.

Q: Will Matchbook Story have readings and release parties?
A: Yes. Please come.

Q: You didn't answer my question--where can I write you?
A: editor@matchbookstory.com

Fire away!


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  1. I hate to be a pendant but double spaces after a full stop is a hangover from using a mono spaced font on typewriters (where a m takes the same width as the i) and optically a single space didn't offer enough definition depending on character combination.
    Proportional faces, digital, photographic and letterpress setting should use a single space. It's what Trajan would have done.